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Area: in Square Feet

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Cubic Yards
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Use the mulch calculator on the left to determine the amount of cubic yards you will need for your project. The calculator can be used for other aggregates such as topsoil, sand, and stone.

The mulch we offer is all standard 22 bushels/yard.
1 yard covers 100 square feet at 3" deep except for the Brown Enviro-Mulch which covers 75 square feet at 3" deep.

**Topsoil is only available for pick up.**

Please note that prices below do not include delivery or installation fees. Sizes may vary.

Premium Hemlock Mulch

$4.00/bushel - $52.00/cu. yard

Hemlock Mulch is a premium product that is growing in demand. Made from hemlock bark, this reddish, copper brown color mulch has a fine texture. It breaks down slowly, generally lasting 2-3 years. This mulch has a wonderful Northwoods scent.

Mixed Hardwood Mulch

$2.50/bushel - $32.00/yard

One of our most popular varieties of mulch. This 100% hardwood bark is mostly made from oak and maple, and is a medium-brown color. This sturdy mulch compacts over time, so it resists blowing or washing away. Hardwood mulch is ideal for sloped beds and gardens in wet climates.

Double Shredded Pine

$3.50/bushel - $44.00/yard

Give your garden or landscape a neat, natural, and attractive look with pine bark mulch. This fine ground mulch is similar to hemlock. It has a dark cherry color, and it holds color well. Pine bark mulch saves water and reduced weeds well. It is excellent for remulching perennials and mature beds.

Northern Cedar Mulch

$3.00/bushel - $47.00/yard

This mulch has long, thin shreds, which creates an airy, light layer over soil. Cedar mulch decomposes slowly, so it needs to be replenished less frequently. The resins in cedar mulch emit a pleasant scent. Cedar has pesticide properties and may keep certain types of insects away from plants.

Brown "Chocolate" Enviro

$3.00/bushel - $38.00/yard

It is a chocolate brown color and will generally last between 3-4 years. It is more pieces than shredded; it's made from chipped pallets. The chippings are dyed with environmentally safe color, but may stain when wet. To rejuvenate the color, simply add a thin layer every other year.



Johnson's Nursery's recommended fertilizer is Nutri-Pak®. Available for both retail and contractor sales, Nutri-Pak® offers a safer, environmental friendly alternative to plant fertilizing. Each fertilizer packet contains a pre-measured amount of fertilizer that is simply buried 6-8 inches deep around the root system of the plant. Nutri-Pak® is offered in both one year and three year packaging.

Other Hardgoods and Landscaping Supplies

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  • Bobbex Deer & Animal Repellent
  • Topsoil
  • Leaf Compost
  • Wood Chips
  • Sand & Stone
  • Boulders
  • Flagstone pieces
  • Straw Bales & Erosion Blankets
  • Grass Seed
  • Tree Stakes
  • Edging & Weed Barriers
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