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Experience first hand the outstanding selection of plant material.

Our knowledgeable, friendly sales staff is at your service to answer questions and offer professional recommendations to make your yard more pristine. You have to see for yourself the incredible selection of locally-grown towering shade trees, flowering ornamentals, conifers, shrubs and vibrant perennials, many of which are Wisconsin natives. We offer installation services and a variety landscaping supplies. Our yards are open for you to browse, but be sure to check in at the office first! Our locally grown plants can be picked up on-site, scheduled for pickup or delivered.

Browse Locally Grown Plants

Our goal is to provide you with top quality, locally-grown landscape plants—from new and exciting varieties, to traditional garden favorites. We pride ourselves on providing clients with one of the most extensive and diverse plant inventories in the industry. Search our plant inventory and learn more about our plants.

Wisconsin Natives

Many of our native plants are grown from wild collected, local seed. The plant’s native habitat often provides clues to locating its best site. When plants are sited properly, they generally thrive and require less maintenance. Learn more about Wisconsin Natives.

We Plan–You Plant

Offering the expertise of our Horticulturists, this custom design service is provided at no cost to you.

This is the best do-it-yourself program if you're a homeowner looking to design and plant your own project. We Plan-You Plant offers the do-it-yourself freedom with the helpful assistance of our professionals. Perhaps you want to add curb appeal to the front foundation? How about a beautiful mixed shrub and perennial bed in the empty corner of your yard? This program is designed for people who enjoy do-it-yourself projects, but can also be tailored to your capabilities. Learn more about We Plan-You Plant.

We Plan-You Plant

Locally Gorwn Plants

Locally Gorwn Plants

Mulch & Landscape Supplies

Johnson's Nursery offers a wide selection of bark mulch and we will deliver locally. Schedule your delivery today.

Bark mulch in your beds suppresses weeds, maintains moisture, protects roots through winter, and adds nutrients to the soil as it breaks down. But a fresh layer of bark mulch also creates the perfect backdrop to make your plants pop. All it takes is a pitchfork, a wheelbarrow, and a little sweat equity to get your yard ready for the season. There are many different options of bark mulch.

Plant Education

It's our mission to make sure you have up-to-date information and techniques on plant care, design, and industry trends. Remember that we're here for all your plant matters. How can you stay informed or get answers to your questions?

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