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by Mike Yanny

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Physocarpus 'Phor-all-of-us'

Plant Talk with Mike YannyAbstract

This shrub soon replaced the once popular Purple Leaf Sand Cherry, Prunus x cistena, as the most popular purple leafed, large shrub for midwestern gardens. It’s dark purple foliage sets off white flower clusters in late spring in such a way that it is almost irresistible to gardeners. In fall, the foliage turns a combination of red, purple and orange. It can be quite showy. Diabolo® has purple fruit capsules that fade to tan as they age. Diabolo® or ‘Diablo’ as most people incorrectly say, is a large plant, getting to about 10’ tall and wide in 10 years from a cutting. The plant was so impressive in the early 2000’s that it won the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society Gold Medal Award in 2002.


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