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by Mike Yanny

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Wisconsin's Native Oaks


This story explains why I and many other people love oak trees so much. They have a way of connecting with people through their strength, durability, and majesty. In Wisconsin, we are blessed to have native Bur Oaks and several other fantastic Oaks species growing in our midst.

I share my expertise with Northern Pin Oaks, Black Oaks, Red Oaks, White Oaks, Bur Oaks, Swamp White Oaks, Hybrid Swamp White Oaks, and Chinkapin Oaks. You will also will read about some of the pest and diseases such as Two-lined Chestnut Borer, Oak Wilt, and Bur Oak Blight. I conclude my article with a poem to all of your squirrelly oak planters. What a way to make a living!



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