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by Mike Yanny

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Sugar Maple: The King of the Woods


I'd like to introduce you to my friend Karl. He is unbelievably in touch with nature, and may even be part-Sugar Maple--on his father's side. He always wants to be outside. Heck, he went for over a year without a stove in his house and cooked outside everyday and loved it.

Sugar Maple truly is the king of the woods. They have servants to support that. They are the most popular species for state tree status in the nation. What a tree! Fall color is what I think of most when the topic of Sugar Maple is brought up. To me, this is the tree that defines fall color in Wisconsin. I discuss siting sugar maples, fall colors, and my friend Karl. I also share with you what our field tests have shown to be the best performing cultivars for our part of Wisconsin.



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