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by Mike Yanny

Where Ecology Meets Economy: Season 2 Videos

Cultivating Nature in Our Landscapes

Neil Diboll, Owner—Prairie Nursery

Duration 0:46:56
The human connection to the natural world is not an optional feature. Our lives are intricately intertwined with Nature, and our very survival depends upon maintaining the integrity of functioning ecosystems. Clean air water, and food all depend upon a healthy planet. Our personal relationships with the earth start at home, and our landscapes should reflect a reverence for the diversity of all life. Native plants provide a wonderful way to invite the natural world into our living spaces, for both their benefit and ours.

What is Local Genotype? A Complicated Question with Significant Consequences

Kelly Schultz, Nursery Coordinator—Native Seed Nursery, Lake County Forest Preserve District

Duration 0:30:30
How does genotype affect the success of restorations? Learn how Lake County Forest Preserve District reshaped their provenance guidelines for purchased materials and in-house production. LCFPD looked at scientific literature & anecdotal stories from practitioners, while balancing these guidelines with historical purchasing practices, climate change, and the realities of commercial production. The result is a multi-level approach, creating Tier 1 & Tier 2 provenance boundaries for purchased material; supremely local boundaries for in-house production; and finding new ways to work with vendors to successfully acquire the desired genotypes.

Obtaining Project Appropriate Plant Materials for Landscaping–Local Ecotype, Native or Non-Native, Nativars or Seedlings, Seed Strains–What is Right???

Mike Yanny, Senior Horticulturist—Johnson's Nursery; SEWISC Board Member; Owner—JN Plant Selections, LLC

Duration 0:34:45
Michael will discuss his experiences working in the nursery industry with various plant types. He will define the various plant types mentioned in the title and discuss his view point of when a particular plant type is or isn’t appropriate. He will also address the problem of availability of the various plant types and how plant users and growers can help alleviate the supply issues.

Duration 0:04:26
Mike's electric presentation of his poem "Eclectricity" during Where Ecology Meets Economy: Season 2.
Stay tuned until the end to hear his commentary.

Cultivating Nature in Our Landscapes

Kurt Driesilker, Manager of Natural Resources—The Morton Arboretum

Duration 0:39:29
The Morton Arboretum provides a unique perspective on invasive plant species. Several unique resources are offered to shed light on plant invasions, such as ninety two years of history, 1700 acres of living collections surrounded by natural areas, a herbarium, and numerous naturalists employed over time who recorded information about the regional flora. This presentation will share examples and insights into how The Morton Arboretum deals with plant invasions and evaluates the plant collections for invasive species.


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