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New Fruits for 2015

Home fruit growing has continued to gain in popularity the past few years. I am not sure if it has to do with the rising fruit costs at orchards, the desire to produce locally, the wish for antique varieties or a combination of all those reasons.

I do know growing fruit brings me great satisfaction. I enjoy it so much that this year I will break my own rule to not plant any more fruits and add a new peach variety (for testing) and a sweet cherry to my ever expanding home orchard. I now have more fruit trees than I want to admit but who is keeping count? There is always seems to be one more variety I absolutely must have each year when I view the selection available.

Yes growing one’s own fruit seems to be a disease for which there is no cure. Once you have success growing sweet luscious tasting fruit, you crave to grow more! We at Johnson’s Nursery have heard your requests and have greatly expanded our repertoire of fruits for this coming year. Not only have we increased the selection, we have increased the quantity as well to hopefully keep up with demand. Here is some information on the NEW varieties in stock for this year. Here’s to a fruitful year!


EspalierThis year we have added some columnar and espalier (pictured right) varieties to our regular line of semi-dwarf apple trees. Even with a small yard or limited space, everyone should now be able to grow apples!

The Colonnade series of columnar apples has been out for some time now. We offer two varieties that were both developed in England. The Urban Series is relatively new and was developed by Jaroslav Tupy in the Czech Republic. The trees in both of these series will grow around 10’ tall and roughly 3’ wide. Excellent for tight spaces or as an edible screening plant. Like all apples, 2 different varieties need to be planted for cross-pollination.


Colonnade series. Complex cross of several different varieties including columnar McIntosh. From East Malling Research Station.


Colonnade series. Green skinned apple with red blush. Cross of a columnar McIntosh and Golden Delicious.

Blushing Delight:

Urban series. A red/yellow mottled apple. Sweet flavor.

Tasty RedGolden Treat:

Urban series. Golden apple with sweet flavor.

Tangy Green:

Urban series. Green skinned with crisp tart flavor.

Tasty Red: (pictured right)

Urban series. Red skin, sweet flavor.

Due to numerous requests we will have espalier apples! These will have a horizontal espalier form:

Hat Trick:

3-N-1 espalier! No pollinator needed. The varieties ‘Honeycrisp’, 'Sweet 16’ and ‘Zestar’ all on one tree.

Golden Delicious:

SpartanA sweet golden apple great for eating fresh or cooking. Ripens around October 10th. Must thin fruit each year to 8” apart for good fruit size/quality. Somewhat self-pollinating.


Crispy, juicy and sweet. Mottled red/yellow skin color. Fresh use only. Ripens late September. This variety can sometimes be slow to come into bearing.

Spartan: (pictured right)

A sweet dark red/purple skinned apple developed in British Columbia. Excellent for fresh use only. GravensteinGreat apple for children as the fruit is small-medium in size.

We now offer a 4-N-1 apple tree that has 4 varieties on one tree so no pollinator required. This tree will have the varieties Gala, Gravenstein (pictured right), Golden Delicious & Spartan on the same tree!


This year we have 3 of the fruits in the Brazelberry series. This series was developed for fruits that can easily be grown in containers for the home landscape.

Braselberries®Raspberry Shortcake™:

A thornless dwarf raspberry that grows 2’ tall. July bearing on floricanes. Prune out all 2year canes after each crop is harvested. Self-Pollinating.

Braselberries®Jelly Bean™:

A dwarf blueberry that grows 2’ x 2’. Excellent for container growing.

Braselberries®Peach Sorbet™:

A dwarf blueberry that grows 2’x 2’. Excellent for container growing. The new leaves emerge peach colored then pink and finally turn green as they age. Purple fall color.


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