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The Bark of Winter

The recent December snowstorms in our area have really changed the winter landscape. The wet, heavy snows have blanketed the ground and the plants as well.  At first glance, it seems as if nature has stripped the landscape bare.  No leaves or flowers to contend with at this time of year!  A few remaining fruits persist on some trees (coffeetree, hawthorn, crabapple) gently reminding us of the past growing season.

With all the bright colors gone, the interesting bark of many plants really stands out.  Their unique bark was there all along but perhaps was not as noticeable during the growing season with all the foliage or flowers commanding our attention.  Winter is the season when unusual bark finally steals the show and takes center stage.

There are many trees, shrubs and even evergreens that have beautiful bark.  Here are just a few as examples.  The next time you venture outdoors, take time to stop and admire the bark on your plants.

Exfoliating Bark:

Shagbark Hickory

River Birch




Paper Birch

Shagbark Hickory River Birch   Ironwood   Paper Birch
Gnarly Bark:            

Bur Oak


Bur Oak Hackberry        
Colored Bark:            

Amur Chokecherry
(golden to red bark)

Whitespire Birch
(smooth white bark)

Amur Chokecherry

Photo coming soon!

Mottled Bark:            

Scots Pine

Scots Pine          


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