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Feature Rose: My Hero

My Hero rose is a relatively new shrub rose on the market.  It was developed by Bailey Nurseries, Inc. of St. Paul, MN in their rose breeding program.   Bailey Nursery has taken on the immense task of breeding hardy shrub roses for the North that offer cold hardiness & good disease resistance that are also superior to selections already available in the trade.  My Hero is one of several they have recently introduced.

My Hero is propagated own root & sold as a container grown plant.  It is classified as a medium red shrub rose averaging 3’ tall.  The flowers are double and about 3.5” in size.  It is supposed to be everblooming & have good resistance to both blackspot & powdery mildew.

This rose is still in the trial phase for us here a Johnson’s Nursery.  We have tried it for the past two seasons.  I am quite impressed with it so far as the reports I get back from clients who have tried it have been very favorable.  As to disease resistance, I am very happy with the results I have.  We keep our container roses under overhead irrigation (saves labor) but this is not a good cultural practice when it comes to foliar  rose diseases.  I have seen some other varieties succumb to black spot in this situation but not My Hero!

As far as hardiness, the two years here on trial are not a long enough time for proper evaluation.  So far I have heard reports of no to slight tip dieback during the winter.  The plant has always come back nicely in the spring.  I still consider this rose under evaluation but since it has performed so gallantly thus far I would not hesitate to recommend it.  It is available in a 3 gallon container for 2006.


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