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Feature Rose: Chuckles

Chuckles rose is a short rose (30”) with single deep pink petals.  The flowers average 3”-3.5” in width and can be solid pink or sometimes have a white eye.  This trait seems to vary throughout the bloom season.  This rose is also extremely floriferous and an excellent repeat bloomer.  The flowers are born in clusters so immense that sometimes when in bloom the foliage barely shows amidst all the pink petals.

I also have this rose in my yard, as it is another favorite of mine.  When in full bloom I often cut one cane to put into a vase.  A very large vase as some canes will produce an inflorescence 12”-15” wide!

My experience with Chuckles goes a long way back.  A friend of mine in Minnesota who runs a wholesale nursery viewed Chuckles rose at the Arnold Arboretum in Boston.  He was so thrilled with it that he got permission to collect cuttings & brought them back to his nursery to grow.

I saw the plants in bloom at his nursery & was so impressed that I brought a few plants back to the nursery I was currently employed at in Minnesota so my company could grow them as well.  A friend there made the comment that Chuckles was aptly named because when viewed in bloom it “Makes you feel good all over!”  Nine years ago when I arrived here at Johnson's

Nursery I was dismayed to find we did not carry Chuckles & soon rectified that dilemma.

I would rate Chuckles rose a strong zone 5 rating.  In S.E. Minnesota (zone 4) it survived ok but usually died back to the ground each winter.  Since this rose is grown on it’s own root (not budded) it always suckered back each spring.  Here in S.E. Wisconsin I have Chuckles at my home in a foundation planting.  I find little to no cane die back.  I hear from clients who plant it out in open areas that it usually over winters just fine but on occasion it will have some winter die back.  Again being grown “own-root” this does not present a problem.

If you are looking for a short pink shrub rose with tremendous blooming potential then give Chuckles rose a try.  And may it make you feel good all over!


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