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Feature Rose: Champlain

Champlain rose is a hardy shrub rose named after Samuel De Champlain (an early French explorer of Canada).  This rose originated thru breeding efforts done at the Ottawa research station in Canada.  It is part of the Explorer Series of roses that were developed there and named after early Canadian explorers.


Champlain is extremely hardy (zone 3 rating to –30 F) and has no winter problems here in S.E. Wisconsin.  I have grown this fine rose in my own yard for the past 7 years and find it to be my favorite.  Textbooks say it grows 3’ tall but my plant averages 42”-4’ in height each year.  The flowers are a nice dark red about 3” wide, double petal & occur in huge clusters.  It is quite floriferous.  I once counted all the flower buds on my

plant one June and found I had 125!


This rose is an excellent repeat bloomer.  My plant blooms heavily mid-June then again late July-early August.  By September it seems to bloom almost non-stop until November!


The only complaint about Champlain is that it can be a little more prone to powdery mildew than other varieties.  It usually is not a big problem but can be a nuisance especially in August and September.  An application of fungicide will take care of the problem should it occur.  Again I must stress that shrubs roses are not no maintenance but low maintenance!


Because of its exceptional hardiness, great red color and prolific/repeat blooming habit, I highly recommend this rose variety.


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