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The beauty of a picturesque garden and landscape is all but lost when twilight falls. Extending your enjoyment into the evening is only an electrical source away. Landscape lighting is a valuable addition to any outdoor living space. A well designed landscape lighting plan not only brings the landscape to life, it brings life to the landscape.

At Johnson’s Nursery we believe in creating beautiful spaces for our clients to enjoy year round, day or night. The uniqueness of your property should not disappear when the sun sets. Professional landscape illumination can reveal new texture, depth and space not previously seen. Using light to construct new outdoor rooms, or to extend your indoor living space, with carefully planned and installed lighting is sure to dazzle. Make your landscape the envy of the neighborhood.


Landscape Lighting

Three key points to consider with an outdoor lighting system are aesthetics, functionality, and security. Johnson’s Nursery professionals will craft spaces that offer illumination along walkways, stairs, and sudden elevation changes in order to allow you to safely enjoy your property at night. State of the art LED lighting designs group certain lights together and control them separately so that even when your evening is done, specific lights can still be left on to deter unwanted visitors. Tying all these aspects into one cohesive design is where our expertise comes in. Each lighting system is unique and carefully installed.

Go LED and, therefore, green:

  • The low voltage lighting industry has undergone significant changes in the past decade with the emergence of LED technology.
  • LEDs (light emitting diodes) have replaced halogen lamps as the light source of choice primarily due to their much lower energy consumption.
  • More lights can be installed on a given transformer minimizing power control costs.
  • Energy bills are up to 80% lower than with an identical halogen lamped system.
  • 10 year manufacturer’s warranty included.

Johnson’s Nursery recommends some annual maintenance to ensure that all your new fixtures continue working properly, and the original intent of the design remains intact. We offer affordable maintenance contracts to protect your investment. Cleaning lenses, re-lubing gaskets, straightening stakes, and adjusting fixture locations to account for plant growth are all important steps to keep your system, and your landscape, beautiful.

When creating an outdoor lighting plan, your Johnson's Nursery designer will use multiple techniques including uplighting, backlighting, path lighting, highlighting and grazing:

Uplighting plants and architectural features in a landscape illuminates unique characteristics and produces a look that is entirely opposite of natural light. Large trees, ornamental trees and shrubs with unique branching structures, architectural columns and statuary are all candidates for this technique.

Backlighting mimics the setting sun and allows vegetation to be silhouetted as it would against a lighted horizon. This practice radiates the outline, shape and texture of the plant material.

Path lighting creates random, small "pools" of light that safely move a person through the landscape. It casts light downward to direct the eye to walkways and plantings at ground level.

Highlighting is used to emphasize focal points such as a water feature, sculpture or fountain. Your designer needs to know the angles from which you wish to view the object. Lighting from multiple sources creates a more dramatic result and forces the object to be noticed in the garden.

Grazing is a popular lighting technique that accents architectural finishes and textured surfaces. It is often used to create patterns and shadows on walls of stone or brick. The light brings out the texture and color of the finish.

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