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Bulk Bark Mulch & Landscape Supplies

The mulch we offer is all standard 22 bushels/yard.
1 yard covers 100 square feet at 3" deep except for the Brown Enviro-Mulch which covers 75 square feet at 3" deep.

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Area: in Square Feet

You will need

Cubic Yards
2 Cubic Foot Bags


Shredded Hardwood Bark Shredded Hardwood Bark

- 100% Hardwood bark
- Mostly oak and maple

Hemlock Bark Mulch

- Made from hemlock bark
- Reddish color with a fine texture
- Breaks down more slowly

Cedar Bark Mulch

- Made from cedar bark
- Insect repellant properties
- Longer, thinner shreds

Pinebark Mulch
Pine Bark Mulch

- Fine ground mulch similar to hemlock
- Dark cherry color; holds color well
- Excellent for remulching perennials and mature beds

Brown Enviro-Mulch
Brown Enviro-Mulch

- Made from chipped pallets
- may stain when wet
- Chippings dyed with environmentally safe color



Johnson's Nursery's recommended fertilizer is Nutri-Pak®. Available for both retail and contractor sales, Nutri-Pak® offers a safer, environmental friendly alternative to plant fertilizing. Each fertilizer packet contains a pre-measured amount of fertilizer that is simply buried 6-8 inches deep around the root system of the plant. Nutri-Pak® is offered in both one year and three year packaging.

Other Hardgoods and Bulk Aggregates

  • Plant Starter & Nutri-Pak
  • Bobbex Deer & Animal Repellent
  • Topsoil
  • Leaf Compost
  • Wood Chips
  • Sand & Stone
  • Boulders
  • Flagstone pieces
  • Straw Bales & Erosion Blankets
  • Grass Seed
  • Tree Stakes
  • Edging & Weed Barriers

Contact a salesperson with questions and for pricing.


Hardgoods and Bulk Aggregates

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